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It is my very great pleasure as owner and designer of MaximiliaN-London to introduce to you with honor our brand.

MaximiliaN-London is a premier Fine Jewelry House, founded in London, Mayfair in 1999. 
The Company rapidly growing worldwide and very quickly establish itself as new exclusive and prestigious Jewelry house within the London scene.

A team of fifteen highly qualified international artists and designers are constantly working on creating unique masterpieces to meet the high standards of the brand and the high taste of both it is clientele and mine as a founder.

We use only the best gemological laboratories in the World: GIA, AGL, GRS, Gubelin, SSEF to certify our exceptional Gem stones. Some of our Gems were given individual names and printed unique GIA and AGL books. Every MaximiliaN creation has an international warranty certificate.

Exceptional Gemstones such as Burma Rubies, Kashmir & Burma Sapphires, Colombian Emeralds and Fancy colored Diamonds such as: Pink, Blue and Red are our specialization and Brand signature of MaximiliaN-London.

Only Top quality GIA Certified White Diamonds are used for our High Jewellery Collection. It means D, E, F colors and IF or VVS clarity. For Fancy colored Diamonds we are using only Intense or Vivid colors.

Our sales team has Gemological Institute of America (GIA) education and certified as international gemologists. They are experts in advising of investments in high priced Precious Stones.

Welcome to my wonder – The World of MaximiliaN…
The Founder and Creative Director of MaximiliaN-London
Maxim Artsinovich

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