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Rules and regulations of the international online pageant «World Queen»

Rules and regulations of the international online contest “World Queen”

To participate in the contest: 

Participants are prohibited from:

Contest Stages:

I  Qualifying round

An unlimited number of participants from any country can participate in the online competition. 

Registration begins June 16, 2020. 

From July 19, 2020, every Sunday at 12:00 CET (UTC +1), top participants whose profiles receive the most votes (likes) will enter the semi-finals. 

The total number of participants in the semi-finals is 400 . 

II Semi-finals

400 contestants will compete for the finals. 
The finalists of the contest are the 40 participants with the most number of votes.

III Finals 

40 contestants will compete for the top three prizes:

Requirements for online competition

(video placement is optional, but organizers recommend it in order to increase the popularity of your profile):

First phase “Introduction Video"
(an acquaintance of the audience with the participants of the competition). 
Participants get acquainted with the audience by uploading an into video into their personal profile on the website. (60 seconds max, not more than 20 MB).

Second phase “Evening Dress Catwalk” 
Participants upload an “evening dress catwalk” video accompanied by their favorite song (60 seconds max, not more than 20 MB).

Third phase "Makeup and Hair" 
Participants upload a video clip as they do their own evening makeup and hairstyle  
(60 seconds max, not more than 20 MB).

Fourth phase "Talent Competition" 
Participants record a video showcasing their talents: songs, dances, gymnastics, sports, handcrafts, playing musical instruments, cooking, poetry, etc.  
( 60 seconds max, not more than 20 MB).


Visitors submit their votes for the participants online via website.

Winners will receive:


40 finalists will be invited to a nomination and award ceremony for the winners of the World Queen in Dubai. The organizers of the competition will cover the cost for the flight to Dubai UAE (round trip) and accommodation in a five-star hotel (7 nights, including meals). Every day, throughout the entire stay, the participants will also be invited to multiple events and performances, that will take place in the best clubs in Dubai.

400 semi-finalists will receive a Mary Kay cosmetics.

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