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  1. How to become a contestant? WORLD QUEEN PAGEANT  is open to all young women who meet the qualification requirements.
  2. I am married.Can I participate in the Pageant? Yes, the Contest Rules do not provide any restrictions on marital status.
  3.  Are there any restrictions on weight and height? The Contest Rules do not provide any restrictions on weight and height.
  4.  What personal information will be visible on the site? According to the Contest Rules, only part of the contestant data will be available to the public - Country, First Name and  Last Name, contestant ID Number, and photo/video materials, which are uploaded by the Contestant and moderated by the Administrators.
  5.  How will my data be moderated?
  6. Contest Administrators will moderate all data (including your photos and videos) received from participants. It is forbidden to publish the materials that include advertisements, obscenities, or messages that might incite discord on the basis of age, nationality, or race. Also, it is prohibited to publish photos and videos that includes the elements of eroticism and pornography.
  7.  What prizes are provided for contestants and winners of the Pageant? The winners of the Contest receive  25,000 USD for 1st Place, 10,000 USD for 2nd Place and  5,000 USD for 3rd Place. 40 Contest Finalists  a 7-day trip to Dubai,including airfare and 5-star accommodation, at the expense of the Contest Organizers. 400 semi-finalists will receive Mary Kay Cosmetics.
  8.  What are the requirements for video materials from the Participant? The video must be 20MB or less and a maximum of 60 seconds long.
  9.  How winners will be determined? Winners are determined by counting the votes (likes) submitted for the contestant on the website
  10. What should the video presentation to participate look like?  We have prepared a sample of video material that you can watch here
  11.  What should the Video Talents contest contain? It can be any video no longer than 60 seconds that features you  singing, dancing, cooking, playing sports, reading poetry, playing a musical instrument etc. We have prepared a sample of video material that you can watch here
  12. Is uploading a video mandatory for participation?
    It's not mandatory for participation, but video increases your chances to win.

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