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World Queen- Privacy Policy.

Attentively study our Privacy Policy to know what information we collect, for what purpose we use it, and how you can change, export and delete your information.


1.1 Terms of use of the site (Terms of use) subject to the conditions of use of Website on Internet (Website).

1.2 This Website is subject to WORLD QUEEN PRODUCTION LLC (Constest Organizer), for the accepting, processing, and administering the pageant “WORLD QUEEN 2020”.

1.3 The Website and Services are intended for a wide audience and are not intended for use by minors. The Website's services do not collect data of minors under the age of 18.

1.4 The Contest Organizer can change the Terms of Use without prior notification to users.

1.5 The new version of the Terms of Use, unless otherwise provided, become effective from the moment of placement.

1.6 The Terms of Use become effective from the moment the user registers in the Contestant's personal account. For users who do not agree to the Privacy Policy, use of the Website is restricted.

1.7 The Contest Organizer may add or remove features and functionalities, increase or decrease limits to services.

1.8 This Privacy Policy applies to all users: who use all or some of the services without registering on the Website and those who have signed up and registered on the Website to create a Contestant’s electronic profile.

1.9 The User who has agreed to the Terms of Use is able to use the Website and its the Services (information, communication, etc.). The subject of the agreement is all data, resources, and services posted on the Website.

 Registration and Collection of Information

2.1 To register on the Website, the user must provide complete and truthful information about herself in the registration form and update it in case of changes.

2.2 Registration information is information that the user provides on the Website to create a profile or account, post comments, receive newsletters, or participate in a Contest.

2.3 Public information and messages consist of comments or content that the user posts on the Website and information about you that accompanies these posts or content, which can include their name, username, comments, likes, status, profile information, and image.

2.4 Information on the activities. When you access and interact with the Services, the Website structures may collect certain information about these visits.

2.5 The user is responsible for the security of the specified email address, first and last name, as well as all actions on the site on his behalf.

2.6 Cookies and other tracking technologies (such as pixels, beacons, and etc.) consist of small data fragments that often contain an unidentified or anonymous unique identifier. Websites, apps, and other services send this data to your browser, and then you save the data on your computer so that the website, app, or other service can access the information when you later request pages from that service. These technologies can also be used to collect and store information about your use of the Services, such as the pages you visit, content you view, search queries you perform, and ads you view.

Use and Disclosure of information

3.1 The user and the Contest Organizer do not disclose the username and password.

3.2 The Contest Organizer can share your information with certain third-party service providers, such as contractors, agents or sponsors, who help us manage or provide the Services.

3.3 Third Party Disclosures. If you log in to a social media service account or connect using the Website, WORLD QUEEN PRODUCTION LLC and affiliated companies can share your information, including your username, image, and Likes, as well as your actions and comments with other users of the Services and with your friends associated with your social media service.

3.4 The Contest Organizer has the right to use the email addresses of registered users for sending messages.

3.5 The Contest Organizer has the right to transfer messages to another section if, in its opinion, they relate to other relevant topics.

3.6 The Contest Organizer may delete your messages and comments if they have no grounds in Terms of use and the norms of the current legislation of the UAE, use the copyright objects provided by the user on the Website, including works, articles, photos, videos, graphics, etc.

3.7 The Contest Organizer is entitled to block a user account or to remove any cotent without explantation in case of violations of the Terms of Use or current UAE law.

3.8 The Contest Organizer has the right to close any resource or service, including without prior notice to users. The Contest Organizer is not responsible for the termination of access to resources on the site.

3.9 The User gives the Contest Organizers permission to process the information provided to them, which includes to the use of such information for the purposes of advertising and/or marketing research.

3.10 By accepting these Terms of  Use, the Contestant agrees to provide the Contest Organizer exclusive rights for intellectual property objects, which are placed on the Website.

3.11 It is prohibited to post and distribute calls for violence, calls for division of state borders, disorderly behavior, calls for arson or property distruction, dispolitation of buildings and structures, forced eviction of citizens, calls for aggression or inciting a military conflict, or to post other material that may constitute a criminal offense or the reason for its commission.

3.12 It is prohibited to post materials that offend the morality, honor, dignity, rights and legally protected interests of third parties, as well as obscene expressions and materials and statements of a pornographic, erotic, or sexual nature.

3.13 It is also prohibited to publish advertising and commercial materials that are not approved by the Contest Organizers or intellectual property objects that are copyrighted without the appropriate permission for such public placement or distribution.

3.14 It is prohibited to post personal data of third parties or commercial information that relates to the user's identity.

3.15 By accepting the Terms of Use, the user confirms that they are responsible for any information that they provide and post on the Website.

3.16 Through the Website, you can access other sites on the Internet. The Contest Organizer does not have any control over these sites, and the user may access to them solely at their own risk. The user acknowledges and agrees that the Contest Organizer is not responsible for the availability of such sites and their content.

3.17 In the event of claims from third parties in connection with the information posted by the user on the site, the user is obliged to settle and resolve all disputes with persons and entities who filed the claims , as well as to compensate the actual losses incurred by the Contest Organizer in full.

3.18 The Contest Organizer tries to ensure the smooth operation of the site, but is not responsible for the complete or partial loss of user content, as well as for insufficient quality or speed of viewing such content.


4.1 The Contest Organizer undertakes reasonable use of administrative, technical, human and physical measures to protect the information it holds from loss, theft, unauthorized use, disclosure, or alteration. The Contest Organizer is reviewed on a regular basis for security vulnerabilities in order to make user's visit to Website as safe as possible.

4.2 If the user no longer wishes to use the services of the Contest Organizer, please send an email to

 Important information

5.1 Location and location data usage. The site is hosted in data centers in various jurisdictions using distributed data storage technology. The Contest Organizer's jurisdiction is the United Arab Emirates. If you are a user, you understand and agree to the processing of any personal information.

5.2 Related services may also be linked to sites operated by independent companies and may contain advertising, content, functionality, rewards programs, newsletters, or applications developed and maintained by independent companies.

5.3 It is important to understand that even after the user deletes their account or profile, copies of some data from your account can remain visible in some cases, for example, when the user provides an information on social networks or other services.

Contacting us

6.1 If you have any questions regarding Privacy Policy, you may contact us at

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