Your beauty - Your power
107 position

Katherin Lara

ID: 1158
From: Chile, Rancagua
Age: 19
Hobby: Dance, draw, Cook, sing
Mission: I would like to create a change in society, that beauty standards no longer exist, that all women feel proud of their bodies without feeling humiliated by themselves, I want to influence the masses for good and that in the future this will be different
363 votes
I am a Chilean national, I live in the city of Rancagua, I am 18 years old and I want to participate in this contest since it is a great opportunity for me, despite not having as much production as other girls, I hope that my simplicity and my way of being Take it far, I want to change things and I hope it works, I am very happy that you do not set limits to enter this contest since beauty is in everyone even if some do not notice it

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