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Jean Paul Marie Immaculeine

ID: 11794
From: Haiti, Carrefour
Age: 25
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My name is Jean Paul Marie Immaculeine and I am 25 years old. I am Haitian, sensitive, helpful, generous, dynamic, and respectful. I graduated with a degree in Business Management and am currently working as a secretary at a public institution.

When it comes to my interests, I don't have a particular passion. However, I like to discover and experiment with various activities and have practiced different sports throughout my life. One activity that was essential for me was the * kizomba * dance as it gave me self-confidence and taught me the meaning of “beauty has no size”. Sport has always been a means of relaxation for me. Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to engage in any of these activities in the same way nowadays.

I would like to take lessons to improve my language skills. While studies allow you to learn the rules of grammar and conjugation, the best way to progress in languages ​​is through concrete practice. This is why I plan to travel to different countries, communicating with foreigners, and watching many films in their original version.

I am deeply proud to represent Clegg and my country Haiti.

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