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Dr Gargi Borgharkar

ID: 2238
From: United States, Birmingham
Age: 26
Hobby: My hobbies include reading, dancing , painting and listening to soft music.
Job: Doctor, MPH Student and Model (Miss Beautiful International USA 2020-21)
Mission: Medicine has always been my passion. My aim is to work in global health and be at the forefront of helping people on a world-wide scale.
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Hello, I am Dr Gargi Borgharkar. I am a 26 year old physician currently residing in Birmingham, Alabama. I love traveling and being in the proximity of nature. I describe myself as an introvert who loves baking, dancing, painting and reading. I am a polyglot and I speak 5 languages. Since a very young age, I always wanted to do something for those less fortunate and after I graduated as a doctor, I traveled to some rural areas of India to treat patients for free. I want to use my medical skills with my global health aspirations to work with the ethos of beauty with a purpose!

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