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Olya Popova

ID: 4829
From: Ukraine, Kyiv
Age: 30
Hobby: Reading, long distance running and travel
Job: PR, social media marketing
Mission: I want to have a positive impact on those around me, promote sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle
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I’m a big believer that the life is what you make of it. My aim is to live a happy, exciting life and be in harmony with the world around. I have always been keen to expand my experience in terms of profession, places I lived in and cultural surroundings. After finishing school in Kyiv I moved to UK and studied in some best Universities in London. However, a constant desire for change has pushed me to travel extensively around the world and finally find my base in Dubai. Today, in addition to being an influencer, writing my blog and working in social media PR, I have a few investment projects and develop my own eco-friendly fashion line.
Last year I won a title of Miss Diva Glam in Moscow and Miss Polo Ukraine in Dubai. I’m looking forward to do my best at World Queen contest and have a firm belief in achieving big things by means of our cooperation with the amazing team of this pageant.

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