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Shella Merzilus

ID: 4910
From: Haiti, CapHaitien
Age: 27
Hobby: Dance, Draw, Travel, Fitness, Taking pictures
Job: Student
720 votes
I am Shella Merzilus and I am winner of the Top Face Clegg 2019. Since I was a child, I had a passion for fashion . That passion leads me into designing my own wardrobe to participate in the Top Face Clegg competition.

I am a dental student and also a professional makeup artist.
I love to dance, work out, cook, travel and I love animals. I like to paint in my spare time.
I dream to have my own clothing ligne. I want to be an inspiration to young girls. That’s what I want for them who looks up to me , yes you, set your goals high. Fight to achieve your goals. Learn how to properly nourish your mind while you take care of your body.

Personally, I am proud to represent my country, especially the Clegg family.

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