Your beauty - Your power
12 position


ID: 5009
From: Haiti, Petit goave
Age: 22
Hobby: Music, Read, Fashion
Job: Student
1158 votes
I am Ketsa-El DUTERRIER, the second Runner up of Top Face Clegg competition. I am 22 years old. I was able to overcome shyness, because of this competition.

I am passionate about music, reading and also fashion. My dream is to give back to the community, being a medical student I will be using my platform to do so. I am currently in my 4th yearn dental school. I want to help less fortunate children to get free dental care.

Today, I have decided to no longer stay in my shell and to chart a path leading to the realization of my dreams.

It is with a great honor to represent Haiti and Clegg.

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