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Anastasiia Deriabina

ID: 558
From: Russian Federation, Moscow
Age: 25
Hobby: I truly enjoy traveling around the world visiting new country and exploring their fascinating cultures. Also I’m really great at any kind of sports especially I consider myself a quiet good dancer. Moreover I’ve had many photoshoots for different magazines and agencies. In a nutshell I’m a very inspiring person who shines from within and brings light and happiness to everyone surrounding me.
Job: Model
Mission: One life , one chance , start living 🚀
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I like to always learn something new as to why I have two diplomas MAI and MSU. Currently I am working in beauty and fashion sphere. I choose to spend my free time attending various exhibitions and watching theater performances. Furthermore I take part in different charities because seeing smiles on people’s faces whom I have helped warms my heart. I have a big family and there’s nothing better than to spend time with them. I absolutely love my nephews from the bottom of my heard and I love children in general. Also I have taken culinary courses and I know for sure how to eat healthy because I know for a fact that beauty comes from within.

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