Your beauty - Your power
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Larissa Santana

ID: 9824
From: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Age: 19
Hobby: To dance
Job: I work as a model, ambassador, influencer. I am Miss and future production engineer.
Mission: My mission is to be an example for the girls who are inspired by me. For them to see that a girl in the community can dream and achieve their dreams. I think a lot about female empowerment and I always want to talk about it because it is very important, I want to make girls feel beautiful the way they are.
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I am a 19 year old girl who came from a community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but who never stopped dreaming and believing in herself. I graduated in classical ballet, English and at school and today I study production engineering at the university, I am Miss, blogger, entrepreneur because I have my own clothing brand. We women can be anything we want! Besides that to be a Miss it is not enough just beauty, but to have your inner beauty and always help others.

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